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The Most Athletic Geeky Activities

The Most Athletic Geeky Activities

The stereotype of the geek as a slightly pasty, chubby guy who doesn’t get outside enough just isn’t true anymore. Okay, well sometimes it’s true, but there are more opportunities for us geeks to get active than ever before! Here are some of our favorite athletic geeky activities.

Wii Fit

The good thing about Wii Fit is you’re getting exercise, but it doesn’t feel like it because you’re still playing videogames! It’s like eating ice cream and somehow getting thinner. It’s magical! However, there’s one important thing to remember if you actually want to get any results: you’ve got to commit to the movements! If you’re just sat there limply jiggling the controller (and admittedly that is all you really need to do) then the effect isn’t quite going to be the same.

Martial Arts

Now, we’re not saying that martial arts are necessarily geeky in and of themselves, just that they’re a great way of getting fit while embracing your inner nerd. They teach you discipline, get your heart rate up, and equip you with some killer butt-kicking moves all while making you feel just a teeny bit like Neo in the first Matrix film. For bonus points, try out Kendo. You get all of the above, plus you get to wield a big stick!


Possibly the ultimate geeky form of exercise, LARPING is for the hardcore. Not just because people will look as you slightly cock-eyed if you mention you’re into it, but because it involves some serious commitment. You’ve got to find a venue (or large open space), set a time, get everyone to turn up, and that’s not to mention all you’re going to need to spend on your costume and equipment. But people who give it a go often find it’s a really fulfilling experience: you get exercise, you get to meet new people, and some of the best LARPING scenarios (those involving narratives and organized battles) are pretty creative too!

Table Tennis

If going outside is a dealbreaker for you, there’s table tennis! Far from just being a novelty version of an bigger sport, table tennis is a pastime of many subtle charms. It’s got this whole ‘zen’ thing going on: the more you actively try to smash the ball, the more likely you’ll mess up the shot. It’s all about ‘feeling’ the trajectory and just ‘going with it’. Plus, a table will fit comfortably in a moderately sized game room, so if you get bored, you can just head back to more traditional nerdy activities!


Like LARPING for the more Call-of-Duty-inclined, except with added pain. But if you can get over the fact that you’re likely to come away with more than a couple (or couple dozen) circular black bruises on various parts of your body, then paintballing has a lot to offer. It involves a lot of running, a lot of shouting, and, before you know it, you’ve unleashed your own inner ‘Soap’ MacTavish!

What do you think is the geekiest sport in the Olympics?

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