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Extended Spider-Man 2 Trailer Gives Us a Bullied Baddie

Extended Spider-Man 2 Trailer Gives Us a Bullied Baddie

Marvel Entertainment

Everybody always wants to cheer for the underdog. You wanna see the little guy win, right? Of course you do! But what happens if the little guy gets pushed around so much that he decides to stalk the popular guy, then electrocutes himself and acquires superpowers, then promptly freaks out and destroys half of New York City when the popular guy doesn't remember his name? Huh? Who do you wanna root for then?

Did we lose you? Just watch this trailer and you'll understand.

The other thing we get from this trailer is that, for a guy who probably has to tell little white lies to cover up his secret identity, Peter Parker doesn't seem to be all that great at making stuff up on the spot. Washing the American flag? Come on, Petey! You can do better than that!

Regardless of his issues with impromptu, we are still psyched to see this movie. Bring on the iron rhino!

Which Spider-Man do you like more? This one, or the Tobey Maguire one?

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