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It's been a while since we've seen any new video from the upcoming soon-to-be blockbuster, Divergent… but here it is! In all its explain-y glory. Behold… exposition!

If the first trailer was for the die-hard fans of the Divergent series, then this one is for the more casual viewer. "I wonder what that new Divergent movie is all about," say Joe and Josephine Public. We're glad you're curious, the Public, because this handy dandy trailer is gonna tell ya! It manages to get it all out there (via the always more than capable Kate Winslet [who probably could have tackled the role of Triss back in her Titanic days]) without making us YA vets feel like we're being talked down to.

Also, we finally get to see what Triss's neck shot nightmare looks like!

How excited are you for the Divergent movie?

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