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Our Predictions For Legend of Korra Season 3

Our Predictions For Legend of Korra Season 3


Was the second season finale of Avatar: The Legend of Korra really only just last November? Well you know what they say about counting your chickens before they hatch: it’s super duper fun! Therefore, here’s our prediction about the story of season 3! It’s pretty out there, but since we didn’t have many hard facts to work off yet, we figured we might as well have fun with it! SPOILERS, YOU GUYS!!!

Now, what we do know for sure about Book 3 is:
• It will be called “Change”, as revealed via co-creator Brian Konietzko’s tumblr
• Grey Delisle (the voice of Azula) will be playing a new character that she described in an interview as a “bad girl” and a bender, but not a Firebender
• There will be a greater focus on Republic City’s hard boiled, Metalbending police chief, Lin Beifong (also revealed via Brian’s tumblr)

Now on to the predictions!

So at the end of the last season, Korra was able to imprison the evil spirit Vaatu before he plunged the world into 10,000 years of darkness. However, during the fight, he managed to sever her connection to the previous Avatars so she can no longer consult her past lives.

This seems to raise two story issues:
1. How do you have a villain that’s more of a big deal than Vaatu, the spiritual embodiment of all evil and chaos?
2. Now that Korra lost her connection to the previous avatars, will they not appear in the story (which would be a shame, given how pretty and all around great the two-part episode on Wan, the first Avatar was)?

Which is why we think the villain of Book 3 and maybe 4 will be all of the previous Avatars! OK, OK, let us explain!

First of all, we know that some people can live on after their death in the spirit world. Uncle Iroh was able to guide Korra when she was in the spirit world and Aang was able to appear to Tenzin when he was trapped in the spirit fog, so it stands to reason that many, if not all of the past Avatars still exist in the spirit realm in some capacity.

Ever since Avatar Wan first sealed the spirit realm off from the human world, the Avatars have worked to maintain that status quo. Korra breaks this trend while unable to consult with any of the past Avatars after Vaatu shattered her connection to them. As such, it stands to reason that many of the past Avatars may disapprove of Korra’s decision to unite the two worlds and may even be willing to take violent means to right what they see as a wrong. And with the spirit world now connected to the human world, maybe the past Avatars could return in some form.

As for the villain Grey Delisle voices, in certain shots from the show where all of the past Avatars are shown, we can see that the previous Airbender Avatar before Aang was a woman. Now, just imagine if the “leader” of the past Avatars wanting to undue Korra’s decision was an Airbender. Maybe it’s this Airbender we’ve already seen images of. Maybe voiced by Delisle. Aang might even be drawn in or manipulated to side with her, as he has always felt desperate for a connection to other Airbenders that the Fire Nation deprived him of.

Earth has been established as the opposing element to air, lending a resonance to a story with greater focus on Lin Beifong and other Earthbenders, working with Korra against the Air Avatar, maybe eventually convincing Aang to side with them. It would probably be the only way we end up getting a villainous Airbender, unless they make a third series and one of Tenzin’s descendents goes bad.

So is any of this actually likely? Probably not, but it’s fun to think about while we desperately wait for the release of Book 3. (AT LEAST TELL US WHAT THE RELEASE DATE WILL BE!)

What are your predictions for the 3rd season? Feel free to keep it realistic or make some big jumps like we did!

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