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The Insanely Geektastic Lego Creations of Baron Julius Von Brunk!

“I built this huge mosaic wall from the remnants of my particular Wii The People mosaic walls for Nintendo World's LEGO City: Undercover release party. I used a wide variety of colors and special techniques to make the artwork rather vivid; the entire image is a composite of various sprites and characters to celebrate the NES, SNES, and Game Boy eras! A particular fan noticed that several of the sprites -- namely Mega Man and Simon Belmont, were from third-party companies that featured those characters on other systems. My response? The sprites contained in this mural aren't exactly representative of Nintendo as a whole; rather, each character/item is representative of its respective game on an individual basis. For instance, Simon Belmont's sprite isn't necessarily intended to pay tribute to Konami's Castlevania franchise as a whole, instead, it's a tribute to the specific NES title where he appears! The same can be said about Bomberman and the Tetris sprite. The latter is deliberately colored in pale green, to represent the Game Boy version of the game.”

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