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15 Classics That Need the Sherlock Treatment


H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

For some, it may be too close to Doctor Who, but The Time Machine is a great story that has a lot of potential for a series. Similar to the Doctor, the protagonist of The Time Machine is known only as The Time Traveler. Unlike the TARDIS, The Time Traveler’s time machine is able to travel in time, but not space, meaning that the Traveler can only see the future and the past, unless he wants to move the old fashioned way once he reaches his destination. It also happens to have a really interesting built-in villain in the Morlocks, a barbaric race from the far future that ends up causing The Time Traveler trouble in the maiden voyage of his time machine. The original novel is an absolute classic of early sci-fi, and we’d love to see a faithful modernization.

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