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QUIZ: Which Team of Marvel Heroes Do You Belong In?

Marvel Entertainmnt


Add up your points and divide the total by 5 (be sure to round down). Now compare your final score to the results below and see which team of heroes you’ll be joining the ranks of. And don’t forget to share it in the comments!

1) The Thunderbolts

You’re ill-mannered, don’t play well with others, and—among other things—have a chip on your shoulder the size of Russia. In other words, you're a villain, but not anymore. You and your fellow ex-malcontents on the Thunderbolts are all making an effort to turn over a new leaf, though it’s a struggle. Saving the day doesn’t come without expletives being mumbled under your breath.

2) The New Warriors

It’s a teenage rampage when the New Warriors are on the scene! As a member of this vivacious assemblage of heroes, you have all the makings of a future Avenger, displaying the level of courage and altruism that would make the likes of Iron Man and Thor proud. However, your enthusiasm can get the best of you, resulting in moments where one has bitten off more than they can chew.

3) The Defenders

Led by the mysterious Doctor Strange and bolstered by heavy-hitters including the Hulk and Valkyrie, the Defenders aren’t slouches by any means, but they, like you, have a tendency to let their egos show which, almost always, leads to numerous arguments. Regardless, your “non-team’s” sense of justice rivals even that of the Avengers and shines through the darkest of days.

4) The X-Men

The world that wishes to be rid of you and the mutant race as a whole is the same one you’ve been ordered to defend as a member of the X-Men. Sadly, there isn’t much room for diplomacy, yet you know that man’s hatred stems from fear and uncertainty. It’s a long road to understanding, but your activism and respect for all people will pave the way.

5) The Avengers

Like a godly pantheon keeping vigil over the world, the Avengers are the Marvel Universe’s all-star team of heroes—and, congratulations, you’re one of them! You’re one cog in a finely tuned, crime-fighting machine, adored by people the world over, yet feared and despised by enemies both foreign and domestic.
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