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Decent Talented People Ruined by the Internet

Decent Talented People Ruined by the Internet

The Internet is a powerful wealth of information. But as Uncle Ben has warned us before, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Too often, Internet users forget about the second part of this message. They abuse their global influence by ridiculing certain celebrities because it’s the popular thing to do online. As a result, there are a number of decent and talented individuals whose careers have been made into a joke by the Internet.

Perhaps the worst case of this celebrity cyber-bullying is against Nicolas Cage. At the turn of the century, good ol’ Nick Cage was just another hard-working actor in an array of films. One decade later, he is the Internet’s favorite punching bag. There are entire websites, blogs, and chat rooms dedicated to slamming Nick Cage. But why? There’s plenty of worse actors. Brendan Fraiser yells more often. Samuel L. Jackson takes more ridiculous roles. Yet suddenly we're not allowed to enjoy Face Off because Ghost Rider exists? The Nick Cage dilemma has become such a mainstream phenomena that there is even an episode of Community in which Abed obsesses over it to no avail.

Another common Internet criticism is at the expense of once-revered jokester Dane Cook. In no way is this article trying to argue that Dane Cook is a great standup comedian... but he also isn’t terrible. In fact, the man is better than most. His platinum-selling comedy album is proof of that. Yet, every time Dane Cook goes to work, he has to prove millions of online users wrong. These are people who call Dane Cook stupid, immature, and a thief. Meanwhile, Dane has over two decades of standup experience while most critics have none. They merely know what negative comments will receive positive reviews on YouTube.

Finally, when it comes to ridiculing Nickelback, people are animals. If everyone cared, they’d feel bad about the merciless jokes made at the expense of these Rockstars far away in Hollywood. But again, why? If today was your last day, would you really hate the band? If you saw their tour bus, would you take a photograph or would you burn it to the ground? If you’re starting to notice that we hid ten Nickelback song titles in this paragraph, maybe you’re a bigger fan than you realized. But don’t feel terrible for denouncing the band. They get attention out of it. And if it wasn’t them, it’s still gotta be somebody. (Nickelback deserves any and all hate they receive as they are the third worst band of all time. —Ed)

Who do you think is undeserving of all the internet hate they receive?

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