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The Coolest, Weirdest, and AWESOMEST Stuff From the 2014 Toy Fair

The Zome Tool took us on a roller coaster of emotion! First we were like "Oh, it's like Tinker Toys... big deal." Then we tried putting it together and saw the catch: certain sticks can only go into certain holes, so you have to PAY ATTENTION to what you're doing.

That's when we got mad and were like "HEY! NOBODY TELLS US HOW TO PLAY WITH OUR TOYS!"

But then we started to think about it and realized that this toy had been so well designed that, if the person playing with it wanted to, they could construct 3D versions of incredibly complex mathematical structures, a unicorn, and one of the coolest bubble blowers we'd ever seen. There's a reason why Time Magazine voted this as one of the Top Toys That Will Make You Smarter.

It was at that point that we became elated and happy. Mostly because they gave us a set of our own to play with!

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