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The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Leaves Us Cautiously Intrigued

The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Leaves Us Cautiously Intrigued


We gotta confess, we don’t really know much about Guardians of the Galaxy. We first heard of it when it was announced that Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame would appear in it, and our first thoughts were “That’s not… the Guardians of Ga’Hoole movie, is it? Cause we’re kinda over talking owls….”

But then we saw this:

Immediate reactions:

  • We really appreciate the character introductions for those of us unfamiliar with the original stories.
  • Okay, so Drax is the muscle with a vendetta. Gamora is a sexy, deadly, green Zoe Saldana. Rocket is a raccoon (we have feelings about this, but we aren’t sure what they are). Groot is tall. Chris Pratt is classic Chris Pratt!
  • Wow, why are humans always the main characters in movies? So speciest.
  • We love “Hooked on A Feeling,” especially this remix/mashup. Buuuuuuut now it’s stuck in our head. Curse you, heads, for being such willing receptacles!
  • Chris Pratt is RIPPED. *salivates*
  • We love the kooky, self-mocking tone of the trailer. It acknowledges the wackiness of the film, but is it enough to make everything cohere?
  • Caught a quick glimpse of bald Karen Gillan. Did you see her? We hope she’s more prominently featured in the film!

But for realsies, we’re eternal optimists, and we really hope this turns out well. The snarky tone gave us a weird longing for Firefly (may she rest in peace), and the space opera vibe made us nostalgic for The-Star-Wars-That-Was. But Marvel has their work cut out for them with the relative lack of recognition associated with these characters and their world, the amount of special effects needed, and the normal problems of actually producing a decent plot. It’s a toss-up!

Are you excited for Guardians of the Galaxy?

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