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Now There Are TWO Teachers Back In the TARDIS!

Now There Are TWO Teachers Back In the TARDIS!

Back in 1963, two hapless teachers stumbled into a creepy junkyard only to encounter one of the most powerful aliens the world and (and television) has ever seen! And for better or worse, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton set the standard for the traveling companions on Doctor Who. Now, with the 8th series of the revived version of the show coming back later this year, casting news has hit which indicates a duo of teachers will again be part of the Doctor’s entourage.

If you saw “The Day of the Doctor,” then you already know that these days, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) is teaching (History? Philosophy?) at the Coal Hill School. But now, Clara will have a reoccurring friend in the form of Danny Pink. While it’s unknown how this new teacher will interact with Clara and the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) but the casting of Samuel Anderson as Danny makes us think he’ll be dashing about in space and time with the current TARDIS duo. With an older actor at the helm as a supposedly more “grumpy” Doctor, it seems like Steven Moffat can’t resist the temptation to pay direct homage to the original format of the show by placing two teachers alongside our favorite time lord. Plus, Coal Hill School is the same school Barbara and Ian taught at, too.

Anderson has solid acting cred with roles from Gwen and Stacy and The History Boys under his belt. But best of all, this might be the first time since the revival of the show that the two people time-traveling with the Doctor are actually, specifically interested in history. Originally conceived as a quasi-educational program, the various historical eras visited by the Doctor and his friends should come with some experts. Sure, having Clara recently be a teacher is fantastic, but now that there will be two teachers hanging out, it seems like those of us who are history geeks might be getting a little more representation.

Are you excited for the new Attack of the History Teachers on Doctor Who?

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