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SCIENCE EXPLAINS: Dinosaur Awesomeness!

Dinosaurs Were Lucky

It may sound weird to call dinosaurs lucky, considering they ended up being blasted into extinction by a freak collision. But don't forget that these animals dominated the Earth for over 160 million years before they were unceremoniously axed. That's a far longer reign than any other terrestrial creatures have managed—humans, for example, have only been the dominant species for a measly 50,000 years.

Not only were the dinosaurs lucky to have enjoyed favorable planetary conditions for so long, they were also fortunate to have survived the Triassic extinction event far better than their crocodilian cousins. As dinosaur expert Stephen Brusatte says, "If any of us were standing by during the Triassic and asked which group would rule the world for the next 130 million years, we would have identified the crurotarsans, not dinosaurs." Move over, leprechauns: dinosaurs are the real lucky charms.

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