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SCIENCE EXPLAINS: Dinosaur Awesomeness!

Dinosaurs Shaped Human Evolution

Since dinosaurs were wiped out so long ago, they can seem somewhat alien to us. Their Earth was a completely different world from the one we know today and, apart from birds, there's nothing corporeal left of them. But dinosaurs are actually deeply related to the modern world, because they played a huge role in shaping it.

The earliest mammals coexisted with the dinosaurs, though they had to eek out their living on the fringes of the Mesozoic planet. To avoid being on the menu at Chateau Tyrannosaur, mammals hid in high tree tops and deep burrows, and that evolutionary strategy is exactly what enabled them to survive the K-T extinction event. So get thee to a natural history museum, find your favorite dino, and let them know that you appreciate all their dedication and sacrifice. After all, you owe your life to them.

What do you think the secret of dinosaur awesomeness is?

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