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6 Other Super-Teams Who Guarded the Galaxy

6 Other Super-Teams Who Guarded the Galaxy

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With the new trailer for the first “funny” Marvel movie (aren’t they all funny?) debuting last week, everyone’s abuzz with who these kooky Guardians of the Galaxy folks. But while you try to wrap your mind around the connections between Rocket Raccoon and the Beatles song “Rocky Raccoon” here’s some other Galaxy-Defending Super-Teams to compare the Guardians against.

The Time Lords (Doctor Who)

Sort of the inverse of the pro-active Guardians, the Time Lords of Gallifrey were (are?) managers of time but who also claimed to “never interfere” with the events of other planets. With super-powers like regeneration, time-travel, and the occasional mind-meld, Time Lords were in most ways, the ultimate science fiction super-heroes. But no interference? The Doctor had a problem with that one in particular!

ExoSquad (ExoSquad)

A strange, often-forgotten 1990’s cartoon, the Exo-Squad could strap themselves into awesome space-faring exosuits to do battle against a race of creatures called The Neosapiens. Though not necessarily super-powered, the ExoSquad did feature a motley crew consisting of a slob, a wise-cracking Frenchmen, and even one the “alien” Neosapiens. The best thing about the ExoSquad’s whole jam is how they’re basically a bunch of people saving the galaxy without normal spaceships.

Jedi Knights (Star Wars)

Obi-Wan called them “guardians of peace and justice in the old republic,” and they did a pretty good job of all of that; off screen. The only Jedi Knights we see in the real-deal Star Wars movies are actually fairly bad at keeping peace and justice going in the old republic. With using-the-force super powers galore, the Jedi are undeniably awesome, it’s interesting we don’t see them managing their affairs very well. Though to be fair, Jedi sitting around drinking tea, talking about how great everything is wouldn’t make for super exciting movies.

Power Pack (Marvel Comics)

Unlike so many famous super-kids, the Power Pack aren’t orphans! And if that wasn’t enough of a super-power, these siblings also have real super-powers too. Because a dying secret alien needed help, the power children (Alex, Jack, Julie and Katie) each posses a different ability to control natural physical forces. Though the Powers tend to stick to taking care of kid-problems, they can’t help but get involved in galaxy (and dimension-threatening) problems from time-to-time. Easily one of the most underrated superhero teams ever!

Green Lantern Corps (DC Comics)

Wow! Dying aliens sure are common source of super-powers you didn’t know you wanted! Depending on your origin story, the original Green Lantern of Earth was given his “power ring” by a different “Lantern” who was in charge of guarding our sector of the galaxy. But Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner aren’t alone in being the only guys who can wield a ring of power which can literarlly do anything you have your mind tell it to do! There’s a whole Corps of aliens, too! Like the Jedi, the Green Lantern Corps might be one of the more organized super-hero teams out there, but maybe not the most efficient.

Justice League (DC Comics)

In some circles, you might know these folks as the Justice League of America, but when you put Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter and sometimes a lot of other people in a room together, we know what their up to: saving the Earth/Galaxy/Universe! With headquarters sometimes on the Moon (why not?) the Justice League must keep really weird hours. Actually, do they even have regular meeting times? How do all these heroes find time to hang out together when there’s so much going on in their home towns? In any case, of all the superhero teams dreamed up by mere mortals, the Justice League—even without a live action movie—remains the most popular.

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