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Insane Grown-Up Versions of Kids' Toys

Insane Grown-Up Versions of Kids' Toys

They say you have to grow up at some point. Luckily, it turns out your toys can grow up with you! We've compiled some awesome videos of toys that people have engineered into grown-up versions. We should point out that most of these come with a huge DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME sticker attached.


Young engineer Dalton Dailey created this motorized tricycle all on his own. That seems to be a recurring them with some of these grown-up versions of toys: incredible individuals take on these projects themselves because "The Man" is too scared to create something too amazing. Anyway, here's Dailey drifting in the snow on his motorized trike:


These guys built a life-size version of the game Mouse Trap. They take it around the country, putting on demonstrations for people, but if our experience with the board game is accurate, it probably only works about half of the time. Here you can see it crushing a car (the mouse of the road?):


So this slinky is grown-up in two different ways. First of all, it's super duper long. Second of all, it teaches you physics! These guys put out a video showing off the physics of the slinky. Specifically, that when you drop a slinky, the bottom actually stays in mid-air for half a second due to the tension that was counteracting the force of gravity (or probably witchcraft). Anyway, check out this principle in effect with a giant slinky that may make you question everything you know about the universe:


The second most classically American image we can imagine is a kid pulling a little red wagon. The most American image we can imagine is a giant version of that wagon blaring down the highway. And that's exactly what Ted Mangum created:


Entrepreneur and engineer Jeri Ellsworth created this giant Etch a Sketch using drill motors, a hollowed out TV, and other items she mentions in the video. Seems like a bit of a pain to erase, but it's web-enabled so people can actually control it from online. Check it out:


If you played with transformers growing up like we did, you were probably pretty disappointed when you found out they weren't real. Well whoever told you that was a liar! Here are two transformers fighting it out at the Western Fair in London:

What toy from your childhood would you like to see someone make a grown-up version of?

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