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We Love the New Godzilla Trailer!

We Love the New Godzilla Trailer!

Warner Brothers

We all know that the monster disaster movie has been done to death, but that doesn’t mean a classic standby plot can’t be tastefully revisited. The 1998 version would be a prime example of how NOT to do this. This time, our hopes are significantly higher. Why? OH JUST WATCH ALREADY!

This cast alone could convince us to see a reboot of Teletubbies. Bryan Cranston has to be one of the most versatile actors of our time, proving time and again that he can be literally ANYTHING from a drug lord to a roller-skating suburban dad. And Ken Watanabe? The man could bestow layers of profound meaning upon a day old pita pocket with that weighted gaze!

We’ve also got a little taste of alternative history thrown into the mix with references to the nuclear tests in the 1950s. (Or IS it alternative history? We may never know! That is, until a giant lizard shows up.) Turns out they weren’t testing nukes at all, they were secretly attempting to take down Godzilla, unbeknownst to the American people. Now, stroke your stubbly beard and ponder what other fantastical creatures our government might be hiding. For years we’ve suspected that Minecraft Mooshrooms were real. Finally, some validation!

Will you be seeing Godzilla when it hits theatres May 16th? We just might see you there!

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