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A SPARKLER REPORTS: 10 Ways to Make Friends with Strangers at FaerieCon

A SPARKLER REPORTS: 10 Ways to Make Friends with Strangers at FaerieCon

We wanted to send a couple lucky Sparklers to cover FaerieCon this year. Tons of you sent us awesome submissions, and one of the Sparklers we chose was Emily Potter. Here is her first-hand account of her weekend amongst the faeries!

Conventions, especially FaerieCon, are great places to meet like-minded people. You all share interests so it’s easy to strike up a conversation, and sometimes you don’t even have to try! These are all the different ways I met new people without even trying.

1. Wear wings. Stand in a line. The person behind you will compliment them and ask where you got them.

2. Doodle aimlessly in a notebook for a few minutes. Someone will come ask if you want to play an ice breaker game.

3. Smile at people when you make awkward eye contact.

4. Check Facebook on your phone while waiting for the bathroom. Someone will ask if they can take a picture of you in your costume. While on your phone.

5. Just wear a costume. People will want your picture.

6. Go to a fashion show. The person sitting next to you will strike up a conversation.

7. Go to a couple panels by the same person. Eventually they will recognize you and say hi whenever they see you.

8. Strike up conversations with friends of friends. You obviously all have something in common.

9. Get lunch. Someone will see you and ask wear the exhibition hall is. Someone else will show you their poetry.

10. When someone talks to you, talk back! You’ll be best friends before you know it!

What have you done to make friends at a con?

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