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A SPARKLER REPORTS: Who Should Go To FaerieCon?

A SPARKLER REPORTS: Who Should Go To FaerieCon?

We wanted to send a couple lucky Sparklers to cover FaerieCon this year. Tons of you sent us awesome submissions, and one of the Sparklers we chose was Emily Potter! Here is her first-hand account of her weekend amongst the faeries!

I went to FaerieCon last weekend and expected to enjoy myself, meet new people, and possibly spend a little money on cute things. I got so much more than that!

I consider myself to be a high-functioning introvert. If someone starts a conversation with me, I can reply, sometimes even be witty. If I make accidental eye-contact I will smile, instead of being frozen in terror. But at heart I am an introvert, and I was terrified to be going to this event on my own. So imagine my surprise when I didn't once feel like sinking into a hole in the floor. I even tripped over a chair at one point and was able to joke about it with the people who saw. People I had never met before. I JOKED with STRANGERS about TRIPPING.

And then I compiled a list of the kind of people I thought would love this event.



People with too much time

People without any time








Modest dressers

People who prefer to... show a little more skin

Artistic people

People who want to be inspired

Anyone with an open mind

Some people with closed minds

Any and all genders

Same goes for orientations

Mythical creatures

Successful people

People whose lives are a mess

Groups of friends

Groups of enemies

Groups of frenemies

Those who love Faeries

Those who detest Faeries

Awkward people

Smooth people

People, really


When I left on Sunday night, I was a little sad. I missed it already. But I was also already planning for next year. Being around so many inspiring people who were so confident in who they were and accepting of others was incredible, and I cannot wait to do it again!

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