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A Third Grade Hogwarts, Ryan Gosling as E.T., and More in This Week's Geeky Twitter!

Warning! There's trouble afoot in this week's edition of Geeky Twitter! There is so much wonderfully geeky content that we only recommend proceeding if you have 60 disposable minutes to spend on some serious internet awesomeness. This week, Geeky Twitter answers the tough questions. Which classic author is your soulmate? (We got Virginia Woolf.) Which celebrity was introduced to the unparallelled television thrill ride known as Orphan Black? And finally, where can we find an exclusive Doctor Who TARDIS pillow? We answer those questions and more in this week's Geeky Twitter!

Tags: twitter, ryan gosling, orphan black, geeky twitter, geek style

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Josh Sorokach

Josh Sorokach is a comedy writer living in New York City. He's a former American Idol winner, three time Olympian, and habitual liar. Follow him on twitter @Joshsorokach.

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