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5 Weird (Yet Wonderful) Re-interpretations of Famous Theme Songs

5 Weird (Yet Wonderful) Re-interpretations of Famous Theme Songs

Re-interpretations of iconic theme songs from the annals of geek culture history are far from being a novel idea, so trying to stand out from the pack is harder than actually learning to play an instrument. Times like these call for the pushing of the proverbial envelope and delivering something that turns heads and treats the ears. Perk up those listening holes as we present 5 weird (yet wonderful) re-interpretations of famous theme songs!

1) Inspector Gadget Title Theme Jazz Flute/Beatbox Remix

If you thought Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy killed it with his masterful jazz flute routine, then you’ve obviously never seen flautist Greg Pattillo’s insane beatbox remix of the Inspector Gadget title theme. Whether you recognize it from the ‘80s cartoon series or Disney’s 1999 box office bomb, there’s no doubt this earworm will be tunneling straight into your mind.

2) “Imperial March” on a Floppy Disk

Outmoded pieces of technology they may be, seeing floppy disks recycled as impromptu instruments mainlines straight to the core of our nerdy hearts like the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star II’s main reactor! And speaking of Star Wars, hearing the immortal “Imperial March” performed on a floppy disk is nothing short of emotionally stirring.

3) Super Mario Bros. Theme on Violin

At this point, the Super Mario Bros. franchise is a pop culture institution. Seriously, can you imagine living in a world without the famous plumbers or their iconic theme music? Time and again we’ve seen fans re-interpret the Super Mario Bros. score in their own unique way, but this violinist goes far beyond by even incorporating the sound effects into his solo piece (all of it played in time with the game on screen). And he doesn’t stop there: He’s even done his own takes on Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart!

4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Title Theme (Hand-Fart Version)

Only through years of rigorous training, and being blessed with more spare time than one man should be allowed to have, can you be able to produce flatulent melodies from your sweaty palms. All things considered, it’d be more impressive if this guy was able to, truly, flatulate the TMNT title theme... though the resulting odor might be an issue.

5) Game of Thrones Title Theme (Barking Dog Version)

You know that CD your dad plays—incessantly, we might add—during the holidays? The one with the dogs barking to the tune of “Jingle Bells”? Well this video of a little pup yapping along to the Game of Thrones title theme (while entertaining) is only proof that we’re gradually becoming our fathers and coming around to their poor musical tastes. Dear lord, how did we not see the writing on the wall?!

Which re-interpretation is your favorite?

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