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QUIZ: Which Dystopian YA Character Are You?

QUIZ: Which Dystopian YA Character Are You?

Alright kids, grab your pencils, it’s time for a quiz! Everyone is eating up dystopian YA nowadays, whether it’s The Hunger Games, Divergent or The 5th Wave. There are few things more awesome than watching or reading as teenagers unit to overthrow corrupt leaderships. Naturally, we all sit and wonder where we’d fit in when the political poop hits the fan. Luckily for you, there’s this quiz! You can now figure out which dystopian YA character you am be!

1. What’s your preferred approach for surviving your current dystopian predicament?

A. Blend in and pretend to be fine with the situation until the moment to strike arrives.
B. Learn to play the system your advantage; it’s not a dystopia if you’re in charge.
C. Use your powers of charisma to inspire a revolt against the tyrants.
D. Hide constantly and just hope for the best; nothing good ever comes from stirring the pot.
E. Whatever it takes to keep your family and loved ones safe, even if that means towing the party line.

2. How do you think your friends would describe you?

A. Calculating and resourceful.
B. Fiercely driven.
C. Strong despite all odds.
D. Agreeable, and generally likable.
E. Lovable. Perhaps even dreamy!

3. What is your best subject in school?

A. History/Social Studies
B. Political Science
C. Physical Education
D. No particularly strong subject; you’re a solid C student all-around.
E. Humanities

4. What were your parents like?

A. Well-intending, but you had to self-teach yourself just about everything.
B. Unpleasant. Let’s leave it at that.
C. Strong, and definitely stressed learning about the difference between right and wrong.
D. They were pretty average. They were just parents, y’know?
E. Endlessly loving and nurturing.

5. If you’re forced to fight for your life, what’s your preferred weapon?

A. You’ve learned to adapt; you can make a weapon out of just about anything.
B. You’re always prepared to use a gun, but it is more likely that you’ll manipulate someone into fighting for you.
C. You have a particular favorite ranged weapon, but have been known to improvise.
D. You’re more likely to run away and hide, hoping that your opponent dies of old age before you do.
E. Violence has to be the last resort. You’re going to try to talk them down before anything else.

6. What’s your favorite food?

A. Meat and potatoes.
B. You have very rich tastes; You’d prefer a nice steak or some foie gras.
C. You need to carbo load, so you’d go with pizza or pasta.
D. Oh, y’know. Not picky. Cheeseburgers are cool.
E. Anything your mom makes. She’s the best cook ever.


If you got mostly As, you’re the Wily Veteran! You’ve been around a long time and seen all sorts of crazy things that the general population might have missed. Because of your experience, you’re an asset to any group that wants to try to get rid of the oppressive regime. Unfortunately, it takes a lot to get you to open up about your real loyalties to the resistance.

If you got mostly Bs, you’re the Uncompromising Villain! You might have started out as a fairly decent person, but when the political world went to hell, you decided to use it to your advantage. Sure, the world is still a miserable dystopia, but you’re sitting pretty as one of the folks in charge, so it’s alright by you!

If you got mostly Cs, you’re the Kick Ass Leading Lady! While other people are comfortable sitting around and dealing with the evil tyrannical government, you refuse to take any of this lying down. You’re the leader of the fight to restore the world to a more justice society, and an indispensable part of the revolution.

If you got mostly Ds, you’re the Lovable Cannon Fonder! You’re probably lovely company and great to have around, but the truth is that you don’t really have the strength or the inclination to do anything about what’s going on. You’re probably one of the first to get pwned by evil, but at least you can be the fuel to the fire of more capable and forward-thinking types.

If you got mostly Es, you’re the Well-Intending Love Interest! You may not have the skills to survive by your lonesome, but your strong dedication to your loved ones and crushes is admirable. When the hero of the story finally takes out the cruel despots of the dystopia, it will be with flutters of you in their heart.

Which did you get?

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