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Sci-fi Movies That NEED Sequels

Sci-fi Movies That NEED Sequels

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Some movie sequels are pretty unnecessary. Sometimes you can tell that the only reason they’ve been made is to cash in on the commercial success of the original with the resulting product being a picture that feels lazy, half-baked, and ever so pointless. But there are some films that are so awesome, it’s simply a travesty that a follow up has never been green lit. Here are a few franchises we’d love to see revisited.


The reason that Unbreakable, M Night Shyamalan’s divisive what-if-a-superhero-actually-existed-in-real-life flick is so deserving of a sequel is because—and this isn’t a criticism—is because it feels so much more like the beginning of a story than a complete story in itself. Although the ending technically does tie the plot up pretty neatly, it also feels like it could be setting the scene for an awesome franchise that’s yet to happen. It’s got a great hero in Bruce Willis as a sad-sack security guard who can bench ten times his own body weight. It’s got an evil villain: Samuel L. Jackson as the chilling "Mr. Glass." And we’ve got the sense that these two, like Lex Luthor and Superman, are so perfectly opposed that they could go on battling forever. We wanted sequels, comics, videogames! But instead, all we get is a lame postscript: "blah blah was sentenced to thirty years in a maximum security etc…" Psshh. Talk about a let down!

Pacific Rim

There’s whisperings that there may indeed be a Pacific Rim sequel in the works, but it has yet to get the full go-ahead. Here’s why it should happen. Part of what is so great about the first movie is just how well sketched out and detailed the whole Pacific Rim universe is. We get the sense that, although we’ve seen a whole lot of awesome stuff, there’s still so much more awesome stuff left to see. What were some of the other major battles post-Kaiju invasion? How did the other Jaeger teams come to get such fearsome reputations? And, most importantly, what does a category six Kaiju look like? So many questions, so few answers. Come on, Del Toro, get on it!

The Incredibles

Here’s another fully sketched universe just waiting for further exploration. The movie makes it clear that the heroes it features are just a few members of an entire super powered community. We want to meet the rest! Or, even better, how about a prequel? Show us what the world was like in the sixties, when Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl were in their prime, and the era of spandex-clad crimefighting was at its gaudy, butt-kicking peak.


This one surely wins the award for "Most Petitioned For Sequel of all Time." You’ll be hard pressed to find a Joss Whedon fan that doesn’t want to see more of his Western-influenced sci-fi franchise, which started as the a cult classic TV series Firefly in 2002. The problem with the movie (like the show) is that it couldn’t make a significant dent in the box office. The amount of confusion surrounding whether it’ll ever actually happen is gargantuan. For the first few years following the movie, the rumour mill oscillated between "Yes! It’s going to happen!" and "Nope. Not never." on a pretty much monthly basis. It looks pretty unlikely for now, but eager fans can take some comfort in the release of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, a comic book series that started January this year.

District 9

We were of two minds about whether to include District 9 on this list. On the one hand, it’d be amazing to see a follow up to the events of the first film, which left open the possibility of the prawns returning to earth in order to take revenge on their persecutors, but we’re also aware that it works so well as an original standalone feature. After all, how many other alien blockbusters can you think of that take place in Johannesburg? Still, it would just be so cool to see what director Neill Blomkamp would do with a full on invasion storyline—especially considering how awesomely gory and heart-poundingly exciting some of the action scenes towards the end of the first movie are. Make it happen!

What sequel do you think HAS to happen?

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