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Time Lords Become Canines With "Dogtor Who"

Christie Cox


Doctor Who has inspired a lot of amazing fan art over the years, but this may be the first time we’ve seen all versions of the Time Lord get a canine makeover!

Florida-based artist Christie Cox, known as tee-kyrin on deviantART, has created a fantastic series known as “Dogtor Who” that re-imagines all the Doctors as dogs. The idea came to Cox as she was planning for her first ever art table at Orlando’s Megacon this month. She worked on a series of each Doctor drawn as they are but then came up with Dogtor Who after trying to think of some other fun fan art she could do.

“I didn't Google it, so I wouldn't be influenced in case there were any other Dogtors out there! I then thought of a breed for each Doctor, based mainly on looks, and asking friends for input for a few of them! I also wanted a variety of sizes to add visual interest for the group picture!” Cox told the MindHut.

The result is a collection of awesome portraits that will make any Whovian smile! Check out all 13 of the Dogtors on the following slides.

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