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Watch an Old-School Video-Game Warrior Gallantly Fix The Wi-Fi in This Week's Geeky Twitter

TGIF, right? Who's excited for all new episodes of Full House and Boy Meets World tonight? This week's Geeky Twitter is bursting with fun, devoid of sun, and will make you smile a ton. Okay, sorry, we're done. In this week's edition we celebrate Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 17th anniversary, take a sneak peek at Fox's upcoming Batman inspired series Gotham, and share a truly remarkable video created in the style of an early-'90s fantasy game that follows an epic journey to repair the wi-fi. Those links and more in this week's Geeky Twitter!

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Josh Sorokach

Josh Sorokach is a comedy writer living in New York City. He's a former American Idol winner, three time Olympian, and habitual liar. Follow him on twitter @Joshsorokach.

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