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5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss the New Ms. Marvel (PLUS an exclusive sneak peak!)

5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss the New Ms. Marvel (PLUS an exclusive sneak peak!)

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After the wildly successful introduction of 16-year-old Kamala Khan into the Marvel InHuman mythos, the newest superhero to adopt the moniker “Ms. Marvel,” is hitting comic book stands again this week. Here’s five good reasons to pick this title up now!

5. Her Powers are Rad, But Not TOO Much

Unlike her predecessors (primarily Carol Danvers) Kamala is mostly a shapeshifter. This makes her powers sort of similar to that of Elasta-Girl from The Incredibles, but also like Mystique for X-Men or Odo from Deep Space Nine. Because previous Ms. Marvels have had flight, speed, super-strength, and the occasional ability to shoot bolts out of their hands, this specific set of powers is nice, even humble. Plus, what's a more interesting metaphor: flight or shape-shifting? Think about it.

4. She’s a Real Person

Kamala has a family. She’s from Jersey City. She has hopes and dreams. And basically, she’s trying to find out who she is. What better path to self-discover than to become a super hero?

3. It’s Not a Marketing Ploy

There’s no real cynical marketing reason to reboot Ms. Marvel as a young Muslim girl from Jersey City. Instead, it’s honest storytelling with the intent to bringing an older hero from Marvel’s past into the present.

2. One of the Authors is a Fantastic Novelist

G. Willow Wilson is the author of a host of awesome genre-bending books, our favorite easily being Alif the Unseen; a kind of cyberpunk novel that is as weird as it is compelling. It’s rare when excellent writers of fantastical prose can successfully cross into comics and back again (Neil Gaiman invented it), but so far, Wilson is acting like it’s not a big deal. A Muslim writer herself, a lot has been written about how her religion figures into Wilson’s writing. But, honestly, it might not be the most important aspect of her work. The important thing here is that the writing is exciting and new. G. Willow Wilson is an important Muslim voice, for sure. But she’s also an important voice; period.

1. We Need Kamala In an Avengers Movie!

With so many superheroes entering from the pages of comics and zapping onto the movie screen, there are rumors abound that a version of Ms. Marvel will make her way into one of the Marvel movies! How great would it be if the first big-screen version of this character was a Muslim Girl from Jersey City? Get Kamala popular. Then we can see her name in lights.

Ms. Marvel #2 lands tomorrow. Pre-order your digital copy today here! Issue #1 is available free here (use promo code "teen").

Also, check out this EXCLUSIVE sneak peak of some of the art from the new issue, due tomorrow:

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