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Geeky Cuteness: Dogs Reacting to Magic

Geeky Cuteness: Dogs Reacting to Magic

What's geekier than magic? Not much! And what's cuter than cute dogs being cute? NOTHING (We hear you in the back, cat people, and we are actively ignoring you). So, it stands to reason that dogs reacting to magic tricks fits into that precious Venn diagram of "geeky cute." Seriously, you need to sit down for this video.

We can't even stand it.

- Elsa manages to look both sad and excited simultaneously.
- We feel you, Taisto. We get up and run away howling when street magicians come up to us, too!
- You can almost hear Nakke saying "Seriously you guys... where's Ashton? I know I'm being pinked."
- On a side note, we are going to kidnap Nino.
- It's insane how muggy these dogs are! They more realistic takes to the camera than most human actors.
- Salli looked like he (she?) was going to lose his (her?) damn mind!
- Are these dogs all named after Ikea furniture?

What's the cutest animal video you've seen recently?

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