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11 Geeky Summer Movies Ranked from Least to Most Anticipated!

11 Geeky Summer Movies Ranked from Least to Most Anticipated!

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Get those bathing suits out... in your mind, at least. We are ready for the sunshine and warm weather. But most of all, we can't WAIT for the summer movies! We've ranked the summer releases from what we're least looking forward to, to what we're LOSING OUR MINDS over!

11. Transformers: Age of Extinction (June 27th)

Not featuring any human leads (later, Shia!) from the previous films, this Transformers movie promises to deliver… something? At this point, the standards for these Michael Bay Transformers things are so impossibly low, it might be better to just watch the 1986 movie at home with the sound up really loud instead. In fact, do that right now. It’s got Leonard Nimoy in it and a killer soundtrack.

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero?) Turtles

Another Michael Bay joint, this one has been causing controversy from the second it was announced Bay was bringing those Turtle boys back to the silver screen. (Bafflingly, there’s been no public outcry in regard to Vanilla Ice not being asked to return.) From possibly changing the names of the “Ninja” Turtles to “Hero” Turtles, to the rumor that the Turtles would now be aliens and not mutants, to the casting of Megan Fox as April, the backlash for this film has basically already happened. So, while it probably won’t be a good movie, could it be worse in real life than it already is in our minds?

9. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We all like the cute chemistry of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, so really, what’s there not to look forward to? This time out, Spidey is being bothered by a new Harry Osborne (do you miss James Franco?) played by creepy/awesome actor Dane DeHann. But the big news is Jamie Foxx’s turn as the baddie Electro, who has powers related to something to do with his name. With the possible threat of Gwen Stacy’s death hanging over this one, there could be a big, super sad reveal here. Or, it could just be mindless summer fun. Maybe both.

8. Malificent (May 30th)

Angelina Jolie will turn into a dragon.

7. Edge of Tomorrow (June 6th)

Last summer, in Oblivion, Tom Cruise lost his memory in a slick looking science fiction thriller with a soundtrack that made you feel like you were at a party where everybody thinks M83 is the only thing worth listening too. This time, Tom Cruise has again lost his memory, is strapped into a weird ExoSuit which he apparently borrowed from Ripley in Aliens and makes friends with Emily Blunt. Also, really cool song by Fieldwork. Honestly, if that song isn’t in the movie, what’s the point?

6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (July 11th)

Wow, James Franco isn’t in this movie either! Picking up where Rise of the Planet of The Apes left off, this sequel to the kind-of remake of the classic film will let us know what intelligent ape Caesar has been up too. All of the synopses of the movie make it sound like  post-apocalyptic situation between the apes and the surviving humans. If you’ve seen any of the old movies, you’ll know they already pulled this stuff with Battle for the Planet of the Apes, which, spoiler alert, totally sucks. However, the screenwriting team of Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa has proven themselves to be pretty awesome, and really, the first movie was way better than it should have been. Hail Caesar!

 5. Jupiter Ascending (July 18th)

Channing Tatum will have pointed ears! The Wachowskis—beloved creators of The Matrix—are bringing it back in intergalactic style. This one looks wacky, weird and really over-the-top. Which is why it could be great. Plus, it’s a science fiction movie, that takes place in outer space, that isn’t based on anything and also isn’t part of a larger franchise. Bring it on! (Just remember, “Jupiter” is a planet, but ALSO the name of Mila Kunis’s character!)

4. Captain America: The Winter Solider (April 4th)

Does the summer begin in April? Yes. Next week’s Captain America: The Winter Solider may come out in the spring, but it’s the beginning of the summer movie rush. Will this be a good one? Well, it all depends on how invested you are in the whole Marvel universe right now. If you’re watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then you probably know there’s a bunch of stuff going on that will tie-in a little bit. If you’re into Black Widow, the consensus seems to be that she actually has cool stuff to do. And if you like Robert Redford… well…

3. Godzilla (May 16th)

The return of the prehistoric beast who was awakened by radiation is almost upon us. Doesn’t it seem like just last summer that we already had a Godzilla movie? The real challenge Godzilla has is it’s ability to be actually be more entertaining and have more heart that last year’s Pacific Rim. But really, in order for people to like it, this Godzilla only has to be better than the Matthew Broderick one from 1998.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1st)

Marvel’s biggest gamble in awhile might be their most interesting. Could this film about a ragtag group of weirdoes from space (including a talking raccoon?) even been made, much less marketed three years ago? With the intentionally funny tone, outrageous visuals, and super-hip cast (Chris Pratt! Karen Gillan! Chris Pratt! Zoe Saldana! Vin Diesel! Glenn Close! John C. Reilly!) this might be the most fun superhero movie ever. Plus, no one has to even pretend like they know who these guys are, because comics fans barely know either! (And if they do, then you know they’re hardcore.)

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23rd)

Now, just because you have a lot of famous people in your movie, doesn't mean it’s going to be good, but the mega-rad cast of X-Men: Days of Future cast is so exciting not just because everyone is so great, but because of what it means. Young Professor X (James McAvoy!)  will talk to Old Professor X (Patrick Stewart!), Michael Fassbender Magneto, and Ian McKellan Magento! Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique! Halle Berry as Storm! Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine! Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde! If you’ve ever liked super-heroes, the X-men, science fiction, time-travel, or anything remotely connected with any of that, this cannot be missed. A comic-book plotline with this much crossover and cool fan references would have never happened way back in 2000 when Bryan Singer first brought the X-Men to the screen. And, in many ways, that film swiftly ushered in the superhero craze still swirling around us. The X-Men are unique in so many ways among super-heroes, but there’s one specific way in which they rock: these mutants don’t’ want to save the world, they just want to survive it.

How will you survive the summer? Which one of these big geek movies is MOST on your must-see list?

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