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5 Useless Robots Built for Simple Tasks

5 Useless Robots Built for Simple Tasks

Rule number one of making a robot: Don't add weapons!. Rule number two: it must serve some kind of practical purpose in society. Building cars? You’re on the money. Exploring the surface of far-off planets? This guy knows what we're talking about. Playing rock-paper-scissors? Heck yea—wait, what? Sometimes in our blind enthusiasm to build an automaton, we often squander the potential of artificial intelligence—and these five useless robots built for simple tasks are enough to have made Isaac Asimov pull his mutton chops out!

1) CIROS the Salad-Making Robot

It’s a no-brainer that the first thing off your mind you’d want a robot to do is prepare a full-course dinner. After all, cooking takes way too long and some of us just shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a stove. True, there are robots already in development capable of whipping up a burger, but who in their right mind seriously thought what the world needs right now is CIROS—the robot that makes salads... painfully slow. We’re not knocking leafy greens, but it’s one of those dishes you couldn't ruin even if you tried, and having CIROS do it seems lazy (and masochistic if endless waiting is how you get your jollies).

2) DONA the Pan-Handling Robot

Developed in Korea to encourage stingy passers-by to dig deep for the sake of a good cause, DONA utilizes her endearing and programmed charm to guilt trip anyone who happens upon her. But at the end of the day, being a donation solicitor, while noble, is not terribly demanding. By that logic, why have DONA take away the opportunity to make a quick buck pressing people for spare change?

3) Bar Bot the Robotic Hustler

Nearly everyone’s run into this annoying barfly: That one friendless, flat broke leech of a human being who scopes out the place for a new victim, latching onto you in the vain hope his flattery will yield drink money. You don’t know him, but (just for the evening) he’s certainly familiar with you and your fat wallet. Aaaand there’s a robotic equivalent of this mooching lush, too. Because technology. Every bit like his flesh and blood counterpart, Bar Bot’s programmed to roll across the bar room and hustle patrons until he has enough cash to buy himself a little drinky poo.

4) Clapping Robot

We guess if you use them in combination with this they’re sort of useful?

5) Janken the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Playing Robot (That Always Wins)

Throughout history, great civilizations have risen and fallen over decisive games of rock-paper-scissors. And in the 21st century it still wields the same level of influence it did in days of antiquity. Even so, there’s apparently a public outcry for rock-paper-scissors-playing robots, with Janken fulfilling that need and then some: The freaking robot wins—always. Looks like we underestimated the niche market for people who enjoy the ecstasy of coming in second place (or no place at all).

Do you think any of these robots are useless?

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