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Spy Gear For Sale!

Spy Gear For Sale!

Hello. If you are reading this article it is because we want you to. In fact, we’ve been watching you. We’ve monitored your Internet usage. We’re willing to forgive those strange YouTube searches. We do all of this because we want you on our team. Who are we? We are the Mindhut’s secret division of Real-Lyfe Spies.

Does that sound fake? A Real-Lyfe Spy would want it to sound fake.

You too can be a Real-Lyfe Spy. But first, you must get your gear. You do that where all real spies shop… on the Internet! After all, Craigslist is the black market of our generation.

#1 Spike Mic


Cost - $24.99

Consider this the starter piece to your surveillance kit. It is a microphone for recording conversations. While there are smaller and higher-quality products on the market, what’s fun about this specific device is that it comes with a launcher. This means you can shoot the microphone right into the middle of a conversation! It may not always be discrete but it is fancy, flashy, and definitely spy material.


#2 Phone Track

Retailer: Gadgets and Gear

Cost - $169 has a more discrete name than and also a wider selection of products. The Gadgets and Gear brand can be more expensive, but quality spying is worth the cost. This specific phone tracker is crucial for all modern spying. It will allow you to monitor cell phone usage LIVE while it happens. Surveillance includes calls, texts, emails, and more!


#3 GPS Track

Retailer: Eye Spy Supply

Cost - $299

It’s small, it’s concealable, and it can be accessed by computer or phone. This GPS tracker is exactly what a spy movie makes you believe a GPS tracker should be. Hide it in a car or coat pocket and then safely monitor from a distance.


#4 Wearable Cameras

Retailer: Gadgets and Gear

Cost – $40-$400

Good ol’ Gadgets and Gear gives you 21 options of wearable secret cameras! They come looking like glasses, hats, watches, phones, water bottles, key chains, or pens! If you buy all of the cameras, then you could record yourself recording yourself recording yourself recording a perp! Also, if you buy all the cameras, you’ll be spy enough to start using words like perp!


What’s your first mission as a Real Lyfe Spy?

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