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Five Wildly Intelligent Animals

Five Wildly Intelligent Animals

If you believe that the difference between man and beast is intelligence, then prepare to feel animalistic ignorance at these critters’ cognitive excellence.

Alex the Einstein Parrot

Alex was the world’s smartest gray parrot. Before passing away in 2007, the 31-year-old bird could clearly communicate advanced cognitive concepts. He could even begin to understand what that last sentence meant. In simpler terms, Alex was book smart which is a huge advancement over most gray pigeons who are only NYC street-smart.

Watch the video below to see Alex counting, distinguishing colors, and complaining. At times, the footage feels so humanized that you suspect it’s just incredibly lifelike Pixar take on Flowers For Algernon.

(Alex would understand that allusion)

Old McDonald Had an Ant Farm Because Ants Can Farm

Humans aren’t the only animals that have figured out how to plant and grow their own vegetables. While some ants are scavengers, others stay home to spread seeds for the colony. They literally plant and harvest.

Think about A Bug’s Lyfe. If farming from that movie was authentic, then the characters may have also been actual Hollywood ant-actors. Which explains why they looked so plastic!

Monkeys Go To War

This isn’t hidden political propaganda. It is simply scary facts.

In the wild, monkeys form tribes. They claim land and post sentries to guard those territories. When the monkeys want more land, they get in line march North. If they cross a monkey from another tribe, they WWE-style attack the stranger with steel chairs and kendo-sticks.

They then get to wear the shiny championship banana leaf until another tribe comes to challenge for it.

Squirrels are Sneaky

The old idea of Evil Squirrels shouldn’t soon be forgotten. The truth of the matter is, the little fellows can get crafty. In studies, researchers found that squirrels often make tiny treasure maps to track their nut storage.

They will also cover their own fur in rattlesnake oil in order to ward off predators. I don’t know the goal of all this secrecy, but I wouldn’t put world domination past them.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Intelligent, Fun, and Interesting!

Question: What sort of professional article cites a video entitled: “Crows: Intelligent Fun, and Interesting?”

Answer: The same sort of article that thinks it’s hilarious to entitle a video: “Crows: Intelligent, Fun, and Interesting!”

But to be fair, it’s also an article that referenced a Daniel Keyes novel earlier. So maybe this second source is also valid.

…It isn’t. It’s just a funny video entitled: “Crows: Intelligent, Fun, and Interesting!” So without further ado, enjoy some Crows: Intelligent, Fun, and Interesting. (Fair warning: As expected, the guy who made this video REALLY loves crows. Excuse his typo in the very first line… He was just too overexcited to fact check. He needed to quickly talk about CROWS! They are very intelligent, fun, and interesting!)

What animal's intelligence do you think is extremely underestimated?

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