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Is Hermione the Most Underappreciated Sidekick Ever?

Is Hermione the Most Underappreciated Sidekick Ever?

It ain’t easy being a sidekick. You may be as noble, heroic and brave as any other kind of hero, but you’re never going to get the same kind of recognition. Still, we think they’re great. In fact, some of them are more competent than the person they’re supposed to be supporting! Here are a few that we think deserve bigger props.


Okay, so if we’re going to start somewhere, let’s start big. And while we know that there are some people that think Robin, with his colourful costume and zingy comebacks, is just too camp for the modern Batman ouvre, we happen to think he provides some much needed balance. Batman by himself, with his whole unending-quest-to-avenge-his-dead-parents-by-punching-people thing, has a tendency to get pretty heavy. Robin injects that vital element of fun and humanity. He reminds us that costumed crime fighting isn’t just serious and burdensome—it’s also cool!

Samwise Gamgee

Here’s another guy providing some much needed relief in an otherwise grim situation. Frodo—although we’re eternally grateful for his courage in carting The One Ring all the way to Mount Doom—isn’t necessarily the cheeriest travelling companion. He’s more the kind of guy who shouts “I’m going to Mordor alone!” before falling down in a marsh and grunting in discomfort. If you were there, you'd definitely want Sam in tow, if only to have someone to talk about potatoes with.

Dr Watson

Dr Watson wins the award for the sidekick least appreciated by his own partner. It seems there’s little that gives Sherlock Holmes more joy than making his ever faithful friend feel like a total moron. Pretty much every episode of the BBC series seems to contain at least three scenes in which Sherlock hisses "So, John, what do you think?" before gleefully demolishing the good Doctor’s well-intentioned attempt at an answer. We’re not all nuclear-grade geniuses, Holmes! Give the guy a break!


Who would you rather fight? A guy in a green hat… or Bruce Lee? You’re probably not going to need long to come up with answer. Sure, sure, The Green Hornet is one of America’s most venerable superheroes and he’s been around longer than Superman, but it’s just kinda hard to pay all that much attention to him when his ‘sidekick’ is the greatest martial artist of all time.


Time for a little controversy: Hermione Granger is far more deserving of hero status than Harry Potter. We know, we know. Just hear us out. Despite coming from a muggle family and having no wizarding advantages apart from a willingness to work hard, she ends up as the best student at Hogwarts. She’s a testament to the power of sheer pluck! But, because she isn’t the chosen one or whatever, she gets sidelined to the status of local associate. Well, we’re not having it. Harry scraped by despite having the help of, like, half the staff at Hogwarts. If Hermione had been the "girl who lived," we think the whole thing would’ve been over in about two and a half books. And, yes, we know that "half a book" is technically just "a book," but we’re too mad to care!

Did we miss any?

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