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Our Spring Must-Read Marvel Titles List



Uncanny Avengers #19

Brace yourself this April for Uncanny Avengers #19 and the next installment in the “Avenge the Earth” arc, brought to you by the creative team of writer Rick Remender and artist Daniel Acuña! Kang the Conqueror and his Chronos Corps—a bizarre assemblage of heroes and villains from across the fabric of space-time—arrive on Planet X to make an offer that just might help Uncanny Avengers team leader Havok restore reality. Easier said than done when Magneto’s X-Force is out to eliminate anyone harboring and aiding Wasp: One of the few humans (and Avengers) living within Planet X's mutant utopia. Can Havok bring the remaining members of the Uncanny Avengers together in time?

Tags: x-men, books-and-comics, the avengers, fantastic four, marvel, marvel entertainment

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