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Our Spring Must-Read Marvel Titles List



Original Sin #0

Since time immemorial in the Marvel Universe, Uatu the Watcher has kept vigil over Earth, silently bearing witness to some of the Marvel U’s most turbulent and status-quo-altering events. But what happens when this living repository of dark secrets is murdered? Whose hands will this forbidden knowledge fall into? Original Sin #0 sets the stage as the galactic crusader Nova attempts to learn more about the enigmatic Uatu—and a secret that will have a major effect on the young hero. Written by Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid and art by the incomparable Jim Cheung, Original Sin #0 is the ultimate kickoff to the event of the year, and an ideal jumping on point for new readers eager to know: Who is the Watcher?

Tags: x-men, books-and-comics, the avengers, fantastic four, marvel, marvel entertainment

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