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We Rate The Villains of the Star Wars Universe

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19. Darth Zash

Darth Zash was a human female Sith witch who eventually achieved the rank of Sith Lord during the Great Galactic War, no doubt inspiring countless generations of aspiring female wannabe Siths who realized girls can be cold-blooded, light saber wielding villains too! So steadfast was Darth Zash's commitment to the dark side that it literally drained her life-force. Yes, the decrepit, skeletal face you see before you is that of a relatively young woman; it’s just that her youthful looks were decayed by her constant practice of Sith Magic. She managed to keep up appearances by maintaining a Force Illusion which gave her the appearance of youth, but this took an even greater toll on her health and ultimately weakened her to the point of death. What some Sith Lords will do for vanity!

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