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Cool Animal Crossbreeds!

Cool Animal Crossbreeds!

Animal hybrids are real and among us! It may sound like science fiction, but inter-species mating occurs regularly in nature. It is very sexy.  The result is cool new crossbreeds. Listed below are 20 animal combos. Half of them truly exist. The other half is fantasy. Without cheating, can you tell the difference? (Answers are on the bottom of the page)


Buffalo + Cow = Beefalo


Lion + Tiger = Liger


Liger + Napoleon Dynamite = Love


Horse + Donkey = Honkey


Donkey + Zebra = Donkra


Pug + Poodle = Pugapoo


Sheep + Goat = Toast of Botswana


Falcon + Trout = Flying Fish of prey


Camel + Llama = Cama


Pig + Goat = Pigoat


Leopard + Lion = Leopon


Zebra + Horse = Zorse


Polar Bear + Brown Bear = Grolar Bear


King Cobra + Lion = Kings of Leon


Man + Bearpig = ManBearPig


Falcon + Eagle = Pheonix


Dolphin + Shark = Killer Dolphin


Silverback Gorilla + Nemean Lion = Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Dog + Wolf = Wolf Dog


Humans + Demons = Math Professors








REAL: Liger, Donkra, Wolf Dog (with the laziest name ever), Beefalo, Toast of Botswana, Cama, Leopon, Zorse, Grolar Bear, Pugapoo.


FAKE: Kings of Leon, ManBearPig (Sorry Al Gore), Pheonix, Flying Fish of Prey, Honkey, Love (Love is not an animal… It is immortal), Killer Dolphin, Pigoat, Math Professors, Dwayne The Rock Johnson (he is a folk hero).




What animal combos would you like to see?

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