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What Your Fave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Says About YOU

What Your Fave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Says About YOU

All of humanity can basically be shoehorned into one of four categories. REALLY! It's true! Don't believe us? Well, our proof is that there are only four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If human beings were any more complex, Eastman and Laird would have come up with a Titian turtle, or a Boticelli turtle, or even a Hieronymus Bosch turtle! But no, there are only four. And because we all know that the TMNT are a perfectly rendered metaphor for all of society, whichever turtle is your favorite becomes extremely revealing. Take a look below and find out what kind of person you are based on your fave turtle. But take heart! No matter who you pick, the one universal truth that ties all of us together is that pizza is, indeed, awesome.

If your favorite turtle is Leonardo...

You are a born leader. You may have had to take orders from someone else in the past, but your natural trailblazing skills have you out front and center, now. You are able to make important decisions at the drop of a hat and relish it when people look up to you. Your favorite color is blue.

If your favorite turtle is Raphael...

You are a bad boy/girl... which is not to say that you are an actual "bad" person. You just have the reputation of being the risk taker. You don't care all that much about what people think about you and that's fine by you. In your opinion, that makes it easier for you to do what you need to do to get the job done. Your favorite color is red.

If your favorite turtle is Michaelangelo...

You are the class clown. You know how to make people laugh in any and every situation. You have diffused many a tense moment and gotten yourself out of numerous sticky situations using only your silver-tongued wit and humorous observation. Your favorite color is orange.

If your favorite turtle is Donatello...

You are the inventor. Every problem has a logical solution, as far as you are concerned. There isn't a puzzle that you haven't solved or a computer system that you haven't at least tried to hack into. Your idea of a good time is taking apart the nearest piece of technology and putting it back together again. Your favorite color is purple.

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Which TMNT are you?

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