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Which Season Are You?

Which Season Are You?

The weather may be changing outside, but you’ll always be the same inside. Maybe that means you’re suited for spring! Or perhaps summer is when you really shine. If you’re not sure what weather corresponds most closely with your personality, take this quick quiz to find out.

What clothes do you feel most comfortable in?
A. Layers
B. Sweaters
C. Shorts
D. Naked

Which is your favorite holiday?
A. New Years
B. Thanksgiving
C. Earth Day
D. Fourth of July

Which food do you prefer?
A. Soup
B. Pumpkin Pie
C. Fresh Salad
D. Barbeque

How do your friends describe you?
B. Chill
C. Fresh
D. Hot!

How do your enemies describe you?
A. Withdrawn
B. Shady
C. Unpredictable
D. Stuffy (but still HOT!)

What’s your idea of a perfect date?
A. Cuddles by the fire
B. Apple picking in an orchard
C. Picnic in the park
D. Walk on the beach

If you answered mostly A’s you are WINTER. You’re cold and powerful. Some people are intimidated by your icy exterior. If they’d look a little closer, however, they’d see beauty within. Once people finally do embrace you, you tend to be a great source of fun.

If you answered mostly B’s you are FALL. Like winter, you can be outwardly cold yet inwardly beautiful. You’re very chill as well. People describe you as cool, calm, and relaxed. Occasionally, the neighborhood children like to play tackle football inside of you. Don’t let them do that. It’s dangerous.

If you answered mostly C’s you are SPRING! You’re a breath of fresh air! While you can be fleeting and unreliable, your presence is always welcome. People just seem to be cheerier when you’re around.

If you answered mostly D’s you are SUMMER, you hot steamy minx, you! You’re fun and exciting. Always desirable, people look forward to seeing you. After a while, however, you become very intense and irritating. Gingers fear you.

What season are you?

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