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The Stuff They're Making With 3D Printers Is INSANE

The Stuff They're Making With 3D Printers Is INSANE

Welcome to the future! Oh, what's that? You thought we were still living in the present? Well then clearly you haven't heard the news that a woman with a skull condition got a 3D printed replacement. They straight up printed out a new skull for her to put inside her head!

We checked out what other crazy awesome stuff people have been printing out:


Some people are so far into the future, they're in the past! Amanda Ghassei makes all sorts of awesome engineering projects, including records (as in the kind you play on turntables, not the kind in the Guinness Book)! We can't possibly think of a better way to to use your computer to listen to music than printing out a record. Even if we could, this way would be much cooler.


Designer Sam Abbott created a 3D printed skateboard. Do we need to explain why a 3D printed skateboard is cool? Close your eyes and picture the coolest dog you can imagine. Was he on a skateboard? Exactly.

Any Geeky Thing You Could Imagine

Is there a Doctor Who character you love but they're too obscure to have an action figure? Upset there's no figure of Raava from Legend of Korra? Well designer Psychobob didn't let concerns like that stop him. He's made 3D printouts of items and characters from Deadspace, Portal, Tron, and more. The age of your bookshelf not having exactly what you want on it will soon be over!

The Smallest Model Car Ever

The Vienna University of Technology created the world's smallest racecar (which is the world's smallest palindrome). It's actually smaller than the width of a hair. It doesn't actually drive, but this is only the first model. Maybe one day we'll have races so small, we won't even be able to see them with the naked eye! So... we guess we'll just have to take someone's word for it about who the winner was. Be careful about gambling on tiny future races.


Bespoke Innovation is a company that creates prosthetic limbs fitted exactly to the needs of the wearer via 3D printing. The limbs  match perfectly, allowing for minimum discomfort and maximum performance. File this one under "awesome" (if you've been paying attention so far, that file should already be full to bursting).

Super Toothbrush

So there's this toothbrush. It looks kind of weird, but there's something special about it. You only need to use it for six seconds! Because it's designed individually to fit exactly with your mouth, you just need to run your teeth against it for a few seconds and you're good to go! If you had asked us before today, we probably wouldn't have guessed that our favorite part about the future would be spending less time brushing our teeth, but there you go!


A new bikini is designed out of tons of 3D printed loops all packed tightly together. But don't worry. It's a very versatile style. You could make a one piece, broad shorts, trunks... really any kind of bathing suit you could imagine.

Ancient Statues

Researchers at Harvard are using 3D printing to create replications of broken ancient statues. After thousands of years, people will be able to look at unbroken versions of these statues for the first time! If the technology ever goes portable, we could imagine Indiana Jones bringing along a 3D printer so he can make sure he prints out a copy of the idol that's exactly the right weight to not set off the trap. And instead of going back for his hat, he can just print a new one!

What would you print out if you had a 3D printer?

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