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5 Star Wars Characters Who Might Sport Amy Pond's Hair in Episode VII

5 Star Wars Characters Who Might Sport Amy Pond's Hair in Episode VII

Though it might not be considered common knowledge, in Amy Pond’s brief cameo in the most recent Doctor Who finale “The Time of the Doctor,”  actor Karen Gillan is actually bald, and wearing a wig of her actual hair. That’s because for her forthcoming role in Guardians of the Galaxy she shaved her head, but had her famous hair turned into a wig. And now, it’s being revealed in a recent interview with Gillan herself that Marvel gave the wig to “the Star Wars people.” While this might not mean anything at all, what if famous flame-red hair of “the girl who waited” showed up on the head of a person in that a galaxy far, far away?

Here’s five Star Wars Expanded Universe gingers who might be the heirs to Amelia Pond’s locks.

Aurra Sing

A bounty hunter glimpsed only briefly in The Phantom Menace, Aurra Sing was given a large backstory in the ongoing Star Wars Dark Horse Comics published from 1999-2002. More than just a bounty hunter, Aurra Sing also killed Jedi, and had serious beef with her old Jedi Master, The Dark Woman. Now, Aurra was a young person in the era of The Phantom Menace, making her considerably older in the continuity of these new movies, but who knows? Maybe her species is long lived? Maybe she grew out that one red ponytail into a full mane?

Shira Brie/Lumyia

In 1980’s, Marvel Comics ongoing Star Wars series created a staggering amount of apocrypha, most of which has been either contradicted or politely retconned by other expanded universe material. Shira Brie started as rebel turncoat and kind of love interest of Luke Skwyalker during those Marvel Comics days, and later became a  whip-wielding psuedo-Sith named Lumyia. She’s got red hair. She’s badass. Maybe?

Ben Skywalker

The son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben is obviously named for Ben Kenobi and might be the perfect age to be character in Episode VII. And though it’s not indiated in the novels that this is the case, maybe a new version of Ben could have long hair? We’ve seen male Jedi Knights with long hair before! Long red hair would be new, but it’s not out of the question!

Mara Jade (Skywalker)

This is the most obvious one here: the famous expanded universe totally legit love of Luke’s life is Mara Jade. Through Mara, the redhead gene enters the Skywalker lineage. Could an actress playing Mara in Episode VII need to have the wig of Amy Pond? Would Mara be too old to be a major character? Just how high does your midichlorian count have to be in order to preserve your red hair as you get older?

A descendant of Palpatine or maybe even Palpatine himself?

This one is a super duper long-shot, but before he was a grey-haired Senator, and then a totally bald monster-faced Sith Lord, Palpatine supposedly had red hair as a young man. If Episode VII revives Palpatine in the form of a young clone, maybe this version of Palps would have long locks! Or, just because we didn’t see any offspring of the evil Emperor, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Perhaps there is a daughter of Emperor Palpatine lurking in the future of Star Wars. And, you can bet she has red hair!

Do you think a red-head will feature prominently in Star Wars: Episode VII? And will they be wearing Amy Pond’s hair??

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