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Winnie The Pooh as Darth Vader in This Week's Geeky Twitter!


Welcome to yet another exciting edition of our weekly round-up of Twitter's geekiest tweets! Did you watch the Game of Thrones premiere? Did you see the Captain America sequel yet? And in keeping with our continued reverence of the rule of threes, umm... what's your favorite color?

In this week's post we bring you Vulcan earrings, Game of Thrones recast with kittens, and a mishmash of celebrity tweets that include the phrase "Dog Dream YouTube." Are you dreaming? Probably not, because you're about to read another edition of Geeky Twitter!

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Josh Sorokach

Josh Sorokach is a comedy writer living in New York City. He's a former American Idol winner, three time Olympian, and habitual liar. Follow him on twitter @Joshsorokach.

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