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New TMNT Spot Shows Splinter (For, Like, 1.5 Seconds)

New TMNT Spot Shows Splinter (For, Like, 1.5 Seconds)

Paramount Pictures

But still! This is what we really wanted to see! We kind of all knew pretty much what the turtles were going to look like, right? How different could they possibly vary? Now Splinter, on the other hand... his last live action iteration made the Disney World Hall of Presidents look like something out of Avatar. So what does the rat-faced, martial arts guru look like with millions of dollars of CGI plastic surgery? Judge for yourself below!

Now, we just want a little peeksy-weeksy of Shredder's helmet and that'll tide us over till August 12th.

What are you most looking forward to in the new TMNT movie?

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