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15 Awesome Fictional Versions of Earth

Kobol/Earth from Battlestar Galactica

The interesting part of Earth in Battlestar Galactica isn’t any particular changes made, but the whole idea of it. Throughout the re-imagined show, we are told about Kobol, also known as Earth, a mythical thirteenth colony from the distant past. The survivors of humanity on board the Battlestar Galactica take to seeking it out, as their original twelve colonies have been destroyed, and they figure it’s their best bet for a place to live. In the end (SPOILER), it turns out the Earth we know and love is just another planet that they find to call home, meaning that we’re all descendants of the survivors of Battlestar Galactica, mixed with our native human peeps. Pretty crazy stuff. This means our Earth is just named after the original Earth… Though honestly, Kobol would have been a pretty cool name, too!

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