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Find Out Your Game of Thrones Prom Style!

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If your dress is blood-red, black, or smoky violet...

You belong in House Targaryen.

The colors of death—or the lovely violet eyes of the one true queen—make you the ideal member of House Targaryen. Apply your eye makeup in earth tones, smudging it dramatically to remind your followers of your struggle through the desert. If you’re so inclined, bring one of your better-behaved dragons to prom (remember to keep it away from the ice sculptures). Teach everyone how to say “Let’s dance!” in both Dothraki and Valyrian. If your friends grow too comfortable around you, remind them that you will take what is yours with party lights and punch.

Don’t see your dress color on the list? Tell us which Westerosi house would you'd fit into at prom.

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