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We Countdown the Top 6 Post-Credit Sequences

We Countdown the Top 6 Post-Credit Sequences

You just sat through a two hour movie. You really, really need to pee. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/companion is giving you agitated looks because they're ready to get out of there (they also really, really need to pee). The credits are rolling and you just found out who the assistant to the gaffer's driver is. Why won't you just leave the theater already?!

Because you're smart, that's why. You know there may be a hidden gem at the end of all these scrolling names. Some people might tell you to just go home and watch it on Youtube later, but you could have said that about the moon landing. The point is to experience it first! With that, here are our top post-credit sequences (SPOILERS OF COURSE):

6) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The first Horcrux has been destroyed (though we didn't know it at the time). Hogwarts is safe again (though that never seems to last). The traitorous Gilderoy Lockhart has been given amnesia. But what exactly happened to him after that? He was a fairly prominent figure and author in the wizarding world. Would he just disappear from the public eye? Well, if you stayed after the credits, you learned that nope! He's still just as fame hungry and opportunistic as ever. That's at least something he didn't lose with his memory:

5) Iron Man 2

OK, we'll just be upfront with you right now. The rest of them are from Marvel movies. We could have been coy about it, teasing you through each entry about how they wouldn't all be about "super-powered beings," but then the next one would also be a Marvel movie and we'd say something dumb about how Iron Man isn't technically super-powered, but we know you're too smart for that anyway. Look, we tried, but counting down the best post-credit sequences without using almost all Marvel movies is like trying to count down the best pizzas but only a couple of your entries are allowed to have cheese. Anyway, this one was awesome because it was the first post-credits sequence to actually allude to the next film in the series, and the first to start the tradition of having the director of the next film direct it. Also, who doesn't love Agent Coulson?

4) Thor

So much stuff in so little time! First off, never a bad time for a Nick Fury monologue. You could probably edit all the Nick Fury monologues across all the Marvel movies into a full length film of its own (and just imagine the post-credit scene on that one!). We also find out that the best villain of the Marvel films (objectively), Loki, is back and still as fun as he was in the preceding hour and a half. Also, we see the tesseract, one of our first clues that this series was going to be crazier and comic-bookier than any comic book film beforehand.

3) The Avengers

There had been so many hints that this scene was coming. Fans were expecting it, sure, but it was still such an awesome surprise when it showed up onscreen. It gave such a sense of what was to come for the franchise and got people even more excited than they had ever been, if that was even possible. We're talking, of course, about the now famous shawarma scene.

2) The Avengers

Oh, and the Thanos reveal was cool too, we guess:

1)Iron Man

How could it be anything else? This is what started it all. The reason people don't leave the theater after superhero movies. It kicked off one of the most ambitious projects ever attempted in cinema. It's the Lumiere train film of our time. Watch, and remember what a moment it was for human history:

Did we leave out your favorite? Care to contribute one that isn't wizard or superhero related? Speak up in the comments!


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