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Disney Characters We Love To Hate

Disney Characters We Love To Hate


For over 75 years, Disney studios have provided the most loved and recognized childhood characters worldwide. But every so often, a poison apple can spoil the whole bunch. These are 5 of the most unlikable Disney characters that we wish had never been drawn into existence.

He killed his brother. He vanquished his nephew. He plagiarized Hamlet. Even the most patient cat-lover would despise this naughty kitty! On top of the previously listed atrocities, Scar was also rude to his friends. He played with his food and he sucked as king. Really, he is the epitome of an evil villain. Therefor, it was sweetly satisfying when a [SPOILER ALERT] grown Simba muttered a Schwarzenegger-quality zinger and plummeted the unredeemable fratricider to his death.

The Man Who Killed Bambi’s Mother
…and subsequently created the saddest moment in movie history! It is rumored that the same character pulled Jack away from Rose and underwater when the Titanic sank. While this man’s name is unknown, many people disdainfully refer to him as, “The Sportsman.” This is unfair, however. Hunting isn’t a sport. It is a waste of time. And if hunting is a sport, then it is the only “sport” where only one participant knows he’s competing!

Cruela Deville
It’s never nice to judge a book by it’s cover, but if a person’s name contains both CRUEL and EVIL, it’s probably wise to avoid them. It’s people like this who are responsible for the sickeningly sad Sarah Mclachlan commercials on television. Cruela Deville is greedy AND an animal abuser. It’s as if Donald Trump and Steve Erwin had a baby with worse hair. Even Cruela’s theme music is unflattering!

Judge Cluade Frolo
The bad guy from Notre Dame can’t do anything right! He’s corrupt as a politician. He’s creepy as a romantic. He’s materialistic and shallow as a human being. What’s more, is when he abuses his power, the religious figure passes it off as God’s will, thus angering good religious and secular folk alike.

Plus, the dude looks like he’s never even touched a football, which is pretty essential to the Fighting Irish fandom.

Frozen is Disney’s most embraced movie of the new millennium with only one small hiccup. Hans stinks! While at first he appears to be suave and handsome, it turns out this prince is nothing more than a big fat frozen butt head! The youngest of 13 sons, the desperate greedy rat should have stayed the hell out of Arendelle and taken his power-hungry issues elsewhere. One word: manipulative!

What Disney characters do you love to hate?

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