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5 of Spider-Man's Most Amazingly Ridiculous Villains

5 of Spider-Man's Most Amazingly Ridiculous Villains

In less than two-weeks, Andrew Garfield’s incarnation of the web-crawler is back on the silver screen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Harkening back to a positively Batman Forever age of cramming tons of villains into one superhero movie, this Spidey flick boasts dastardly deeds from The Rhino, Elector, and The Hob Goblin/Harry Osborne, with possible appearances from Norman Osborne and The Reptile! Spider-Man hasn’t had this many big-screen baddies to deal with since… since… well, Spider-Man 3.

But in, honor of this overload of analogists, here’s a quick roundup of Spider-Man’s most ridiculous and absurd nemeses.

5. The Kangaroo

Imagine Crocodile Dundee, or really, any terrible stereotype of a “tough” Australian outdoorsman, and you’ve got yourself the Kangaroo. He also kind of looks like a weird mashup of Thundar and He-Man. We’re not sure what’s worse here, his name or his accent.    

4. Will O’ the Wisp

Though the Wisp (real name: Jackson Arvad) has sort of cool super-powers, he has a really bad name. The “Wisp” part of the moniker is apparently a reference to the fact that this guy has the ability to control his molecular density, i.e. become like a “wisp.” Will O’ the Wisp could also hypnotize people, which is a power he probably used to make you think his name was cool.

3. Mister Fear (Alan Fagan)

Kind of a Marvel-Universe version of DC’s The Scarcrow, Mister Fear’s main jam is to freak you out with fear itself. Interestingly, calling yourself “Mister Fear” (spelled-out and everything) wasn’t just limited to the Spider-Man comics; another Mister Fear also messed with Daredevil. But, Ben Affleck never met that one.

2. Hypno Hustler

Using the ability to get people to do what he wanted with his music, Hypno Hustler seems to follow a similar pedigree of Spider-Man villains who seem bent on trying to convince us to do what they want, rather than actually just doing awesome things. If your spidey-sense is detects the fact that Hypno Hustler will probably never show up in a new incarnation of a big-screen Spider-Man, then youre spidey-sense is perfectly attuned.

1. J. Jonah Jameson

He’s got three J’s in his name, he runs a newspaper which apparently spreads lies, and he rocks a Hitler mustache. This guy is also, kind of, Peter Parker’s boss in “regular life.” Whether trying to demonize Spidey or capitalize on a city-wide catastrophe, this particular newspaper man is probably the worst, and most irritating of Spider-Man’s outrageous rogue gallery.

Who are your favorite (or least favorite) Spidey-baddies?

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