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Nature's Craziest Defense Mechanisms

The Armor-Plated Pangolin

There’s a lot of weirdness to be found in the animal kingdom, but the pangolin definitely deserves a gold star for its exceptional feats of weirdosity. First off, this little critter is covered from nearly head to toe with EXTREMELY sharp keratin scales; that’s the same stuff our nails are made of, by the way, but the Pangolin’s scales are about twenty times thicker than your average toenail. Yeah, that’s kind of cool on its own, but that’s just the start of what this little oddball has up his sleeve. If a predator doesn’t know to let well enough alone, then the pangolin can roll up into a tight little ball that’s simply impenetrable! So if you STILL are foolish enough to continue swatting at this thing, not only will its scales most certainly slice up your paws to shreds, but it can ALSO emit a skunk-like spray from its tail… The moral of the story? Don’t mess with the pangolin!

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