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We Went to C2E2 and All We Got Was This AMAZING SLIDESHOW!

Rob Gaczol


Normally when you see the Ghostbusters comparing notes with Batman, Boba Fett eating lunch with Cookie Monster, and you swear Deadpool just stepped into TARDIS, we would say you are experiencing hallucinations related to hypernerdementia. That is unless you happen to be here at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Exposition, colloquially referred to as C2E2.

Located at McCormick Place, North America’s largest convention center, C2E2 is Mecca for all us comic book reading, video game playing, sci-fi loving, book worming, gadget geeking, never-old-enough-to-play-with-toys—ok you get what we mean right? Nerd. HEAVEN. This is the Bat Cave, Hyrule, 221B Baker St., Hogwarts—absolutely every safe haven or fantastical environment that has ever been printed, programmed, or dreamed, all under one roof for hoards of fun-loving nerds to get their geek on.

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