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5 Videos of Animals Being Total Jerks

5 Videos of Animals Being Total Jerks

It truly is remarkable how similar we are to animals: We’re gregarious, express a range of emotions, and, above all, have the capacity to be unrepentant jerks. Hey, we had to get our bad behavior from somewhere on the evolutionary tree, and these five videos show just how low our furry and feathered friends can go!

1) Geese Terrorize Gorilla

Geese suck. They honk too loud, hiss, bite, and prefer pinching a loaf in grassy areas of the park with heavy foot traffic. And all this deep-seated anger seems to always be directed at us—simian relatives included! Just look at that gorilla in the video. He could easily crush those dweebs' skulls and start playing them like bagpipes, but the only thing holding him back is that instinctual fear of geese (which explains where our unconscious tendency to give them a wide berth comes from).

2) Keas Vandalize Car

The keas of New Zealand combine the adorable tomfoolery of parrots with a raven’s intelligence and destructive nature, creating one of the most obnoxious creatures on the planet. They’re known as “clowns of the mountains,” but we’d hardly compare tearing apart tire covers and preying on sheep (really, look that one up) to circus antics. Just be happy that, for today at least, the keas’ criminal repertoire is pretty limited, because it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to jimmy open car doors with wire hangers.

3) Monkey Fails at Thievery

Monkeys have absolutely no concept of personal belongings. If anything catches their beady little eye, it’s now monkey property—and they’ll go to extreme lengths to nab it. In most cases, monkeys are masters of stealth, stealing tourists’ bags before they’ve even realized what’s happening. The one in this video, though? Pure amateur hour. No sneaking around, no strategy, he slinks right into the crowd with a look of desperation in his eyes. Just let the monkey take something so he can go home knowing what self-esteem feels like.

4) The Poo-Chuckin’ Elephant

“Hey, the chimpanzees were really onto something,” thought the elephant in a moment of discovery. “Flinging dung at people for no reason does make everything better!”

5) Parakeet Pushes Turtle Over the Edge (Literally)

Not long after, the parakeet decided to "show" the goldfish his new hairdryer.

Which of these animals do you think is the worst of all?

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