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Why Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are The Best Geek Couple

Why Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are The Best Geek Couple

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out this Friday, so you know what time of year it is:  time to wear Spider-Man pajamas in public without anyone giving you weird looks time to watch Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield be absolutely adorable!

Onscreen as Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man series they’re the best couple in a superhero film this side of The Joker and Batman. Much to every shipper’s delight, offscreen they’re the best geek couple this side of two people cosplaying as The Joker and Batman. Here's why.


Andrew Garfield, like Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, has been a fan of the icon he’s playing for years. In an interview with NY Daily News, Garfield talked about how his love for Spidey goes all the way back to his childhood. We LOVE his scoop that there are photos of a three-year old Andrew Garfield dressed as Spider-Man, but we HATE that he cruelly abstained from showing us those amazing photos.

Perhaps even better is that he name checks Miles Morales, the current Ultimate Spider-Man, as deserving of a big screen debut. Mr. Garfield, we speak on behalf of MindHut nation when we humbly ask you to please use your super power of being a famous Hollywood actor (the best super power) to make. that. happen!

Emma Stone has yet to reveal any awesome Halloween costumes from years past, but she did drop some serious cred in an interview with Daily Beast–revealing she used to build computers and put together websites for people online. Now, that’s not exactly what Oracle does…but it’s close enough for us to say that Emma Stone is real life Oracle.


Emma Stone knew how to build computers as a teenager! That’s like…Peter Parker smart. It was that intelligence (and a great sense of salesmanship) that made her a star in the first place. When she was a teenager, Stone convinced her parents to let her move to Hollywood and pursue acting by putting together a powerpoint presentation that made a point by point case for it. If she hadn't become an actor, Emma Stone could have been the coolest high school tutor of all time.

Andrew Garfield's performance as Peter parker is dead on: he picks up on all the character's little quirks and brings them to life beautifully. Most impressive of all is how well the actor evinces Parker's intelligence - it takes a smart actor to bring to life a smart character. No question, Andrew Garfield is a smart actor. His alma mater is the Central School Of Speech And Drama—the same school that screen legend Laurence Olivier and playwright Harold Pinter attended. Both are very impressive alumni, but neither played Spider-Man so...we'll say Andrew Garfield’s the most impressive.


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are both famous people. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone thus get photographed by the paparazzi a lot which totally sucks, except for this one time that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone turned being hounded by the paparazzi into a good, nay, great thing.

In a series of photos taken outside a restaurant in New York, Garfield and Stone held up signs that promoted Gilda’s Club and Worldwide Orphans Foundation–a set of charities that promote cancer research and children’s healthcare. Their note read as follows:

"We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So...why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it? Have a great day!"

Now that’s a move to make Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy proud.

Who is your fave Hollywood geek couple?

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